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Many business owners define their daily reality as survival. The multitude of tasks and pressures prevents dealing with administrative failures.

IlanTzorya is an international business consultant: “The most common mistakes I handle are in the management of time and the handling of tasks in order of priorities”.

The first stage that Ilan Tzorya focuses on is understanding the real financial situation of the business. After a snapshot is obtained, it is possible to examine the extent of the problem and to adjust the economic plan.

Among the main points dealt with by Ilan Tzorya is the issue of handling unnecessary expenses, disengaging from fixed thinking patterns and examining ways to increase profits.

These actions are supposed to lead to a situation in which a new basis for dealing with banks and suppliers can be built.

Ilan Tzorya’s management experience enables him to revolutionize marketing as well.

A huge amount of marketing channels is under our control, and proper work in this field will lead to a targeted customer flow and significantly increase our pool of possibilities.

Knowing how to market the business correctly is not a slogan. During the consultation process, an in-depth investigation is carried out according to stages in a number of central issues – focusing on audiences, planning an appropriate marketing channel, and evaluating and measuring campaigns.

Ilan Tzorya Business Rules

As a person who has spent years in management positions, Ilan Tzorya understands very well that the high pressure of tasks brings experienced managers to the wrong division of time and resources.

During the process, an emphasis will be placed on improving the decision-making process, managing time, and delegating authority. It is important to create new thinking, not to repeat past mistakes and to move forward in removing barriers that prevent us from bringing the business to success.

Just before you make the decision about the identity of the counselor to accompany you, check the experience and background it came from, just as important give weight to your chemistry and inner gut feeling.


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