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Ilan Tzorya Business Consultant – “The business reality is changing rapidly.”

        Technological progress produces many revolutions and changes. But it seems that in the business sector, this

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Business consulting – Ilan Tzorya

Many business owners define their daily reality as survival. The multitude of tasks and pressures prevents dealing with administrative failures.

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Our clients say


Ilan Tzorya - Ilan came to my business, calmly analyzed the situation, and then instructed us how to work, step by step. The change can be experienced to this day!
Dona doek
Fintech fine


Ilan Tzorya has guided and guided for over a year all of our 500 employees. Well done and thanks to Ilan for impressive results.
Naftali Mishmesh
The Johnson Library

Ilan Tzorya's vision

We believe in you! The business change can happen to you too, among your employees. Contact Ilan Tzorya – Business Consulting Services. Together we will march your business towards victory!

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Employee training

Ilan will guide and train your employees towards business success

Business Consulting

Business accompaniment - close business accompaniment, analyzing your business and understanding it thoroughly

Business Plan

Preparing a complete business plan for the existing business or business that is in the business entrepreneurship stage. Ilan Tzorya specializes in preparing business plans.

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